Click here to enter the chatroom.

It is a encrypted chatroom which is why the link starts with https://. When you connect, your browser will give you a warning saying that it cannot verify the identity of the website against a trusted 3rd party. Every browser has a different way of saying this. This is normal, because it isn't set up with a certificate hosted on a trusted 3rd party, which is a service that you have to pay for. Despite the warning, it is still better than an unsecured http:// site, which can't be encryped, doesn't have any kind of system of verifying the identity of the website (even though I didn't use it for the chatroom, because you have to pay for a trusted 3rd party to host the certificate for you), and your browser will never give you any kind of warning ever.

Please take a moment to bookmark the following link: This is a backup chatroom to be used in case the chatroom and this page is down, of if you get tired of this chatroom. When you go to that chatroom page simply enter a user name and continue. The chatroom you want is called ts ( #ts) but it should already be selected for you when you click the link or get it from your bookmark.