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Searching alternative media, health, conspiracy, survival, and everything censored.
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The search database hasn't been updated since 2012, so it's more useful as a time capsule. It's rather interesting to see how things were in 2012.

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Some of the best alternative radio networks

Click on mp3 to stream live.
Genesis Communications Network
     Listening info - schedule
     Stream1 mp3 - Stream2 mp3
     Stream3 mp3 - Stream4 mp3
Republic Broadcasting Network
     Listening info - 32k mp3
- schedule
Liberty Radio Live
     Listening info - 24k mp3 - schedule - chatroom
First Amendment Radio
     Listening info - 24k mp3 - schedule - chatroom
Reality Radio Network
     On air weekday evenings at 7PM EST.
     Listening info - 8k mp3 - schedule
GlobalStar Communications
     Listening info - feeds (other networks)
     Star1 - Star2 - Star3 - Star4 - Star5
The Micro Effect
     Listening info - 24k mp3 - schedule - chatroom
Revolution Broadcasting
     Listen - schedule - chatroom
World Wide Christian Radio
     Shortwave schedule - Listening info
     WWCR1 mp3 - WWCR2 - mp3
     WWCR3 mp3 - WWCR4 - mp3

Some good shows from the networks

Dr. Stanley Monteith - www.radioliberty.com
     Weekdays 7:00 - 8:00 PM EST
     Listening info - Listen (GSC Star 4) - Podcast
Alex Jones - www.infowars.com (more sites)
     Weekdays 10 AM - 2 PM EST
     Listening info - mp3 - podcast

Q-Files, Steve Quayle - www.stevequayle.com
     Weekdays 7 - 8 PM EST - Listening info - mp3
Perspectives on America, Jeffrey Bennet
     Weekdays 6 - 8 PM EST - 24k mp3 - chatroom
The American Independence Hour, Alfred Adask
     Tue - Thu 11:00 PM EST - 24k mp3
The Power Hour - www.thepowerhour.com
     Weekdays 8 - 11 AM EST
     Listening info
- mp3 - Show and Guest schedule
A Call to Decision, Pastor Butch
     Weekdays 9:00 - 10:00 PM EST - mp3
Scriptures For America, Pastor Peters
     Listen - archives
Cutting Throught the Matix, Alan Watt
     Weekdays 8 - 9 PM EST - 32k mp3
The Science Hour, James McCanney
     Thursday, 9 - 10 PM EST
8k mp3 - archives
The Remedy, Anthony Pantelleresco
     Weekdays 8 PM EST - mp3
Jeff Rense - www.rense.com
     Sun - Fri 10 PM - 1 AM EST
     Listening info - 24k mp3
The Nutrimedical report, Dr. Bill Deagle
     Weekdays 3 - 6 PM EST
     mp3 - Listen On Demand - podcast
The Info Warrior, Jason Bermas
     mp3 - Listen On Demand - podcast
The Derry Brownfield Show
     Weekdays 11 AM - mp3

Web sites

Infowars (more sites)
Steve Quayle
Millennium Ark
Search Infowars
News With Views
Jeff Rense
Blacklisted News
Texe Marrs
Drudge Report
Daily Paul
The New American
Truth Tellers
Raiders News Network
Shadow Stats
Dollar Collapse
321 Gold
JS Mineset
Shadow Stats
The International Forcaster
John Galt Fla
Dollar Daze
Planet Gomorrah
Jesus Is Savior
Another Untold Story
We Are Change
Gun Owners of America
Constitution Party
Biblioteca Pleyades
Carnicom (chemtrails)
Jim Marrs
911 Truth

Search tips

Turn on group by site to get rid of duplicate results from the same site.

Remember to put quotes around words which go together, like "crop circles", especially when sorting by popularity.

To search for both "home school" and "homeschool" at the same time, type in "home-school".


Be careful. Patriot online forums are usually infiltrated and quite hostile and censored. You can tell which forums have no infiltration. Those usually have less than 20 members and are dead.

Time Bomb 2000
PrisonPlanet Forum
Chemtrail Central
I Dig My Garden
Irate Nation
Prepared Society
The Unhived Mind
Conspiracy Cafe
Be Not Deceived
Above Top Secret
This Blue Marble
The Smoking Gun
French Conspiracy (French)
Small / starting out:
This site's forum
The Survivalist Forum
Assaulted Freedoms


Infowars Chat (unofficial)
     irc.virtuanet.org #infowars
12160 KHz


Youtube channels:
Dr. Steven Jones
Conspiracy Hub Torrent

To suggest a site to add or remove post as a guest on the FORUM here.